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At 720impact, we are a female-led consultancy and firmly believe in the power of diversity to drive positive change. Our pro bono services aim to empower and support female-led startups, helping to increase representation and drive sustainable growth.

We are committed to empowering Female Founders and Female-led Businesses

By offering our services for free or at reduced rates to a selected number of businesses each year, depending on the respective stage of the business and its purpose. Our goal is to help bridge the gender funding gap and provide access to the resources and support that these businesses need to succeed. By doing so, we aim to contribute to a more diverse and equitable future.

Only 10% of Venture capital in Europe is invested in female-led startups

According to a recent study by AllBright, a European-focused organization supporting female entrepreneurs. This statistic highlights the disparity and the need for increased support and resources for females conducting entrepreneurial activities. Factors include unconscious bias, lack of female representation in the investment community, or a lack of access to networks and mentorship. These factors, among others, contribute to the lower investment levels seen in female-led startups and highlight the importance of initiatives aimed at increasing support and resources for female entrepreneurs


Source: TechCrunch, 2016

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You are a female-led business or female founder with a mission to drive positive change. Your business or business model aims to address social challenges, promote sustainability, or advance equity. You have limited resources and would like to receive support for your next steps. 

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