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Strategic Advisory for Businesses & Founders who drive Positive Change

Our strategic advisory makes a difference for your business, while you and your business make a difference for the environment it is embedded in. Our mission at 720Impact is to help those who aim to help others – by improving people’s wellbeing, widening their opportunities, or creating a more sustainable future. 

Having broadened our expertise since 2016, we are experienced partners for startups and founders who aim to start a successful business, tackle bottlenecks, or expand their scale. 

We know that strategy is the backbone of every business and that strategic errors are at the core of areas that don’t work as planned. With our experience, we’re here to make a real difference for you, your business, and your mission. 

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Supporting Female Founders & Female-led Startups

Every year, 720Impact partners specifically with female founders and female-led startups on a Pro Bono basis to foster equity. 

As a female-led business ourselves, it is our strong desire to contribute to minimizing the unfair disadvantages faced by females within the industry through discounted or free service provision, depending on your resources, stage, and funding. We invite you to contact us through our Pro Bono Contact form:

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