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Our Mission

At 720Impact, we believe that a successful business can have a positive impact not only on its own success, but also on the world around it. Our goal is to help entrepreneurs and startups to achieve this balance through our strategic consulting services.
Why we do what we do

Our Mission at 720Impact

We believe that it is time to do business differently – therefore, our mission at 720Impact is to support like-minded founders and businesses and aim to foster a more equitable and sustainable future. 720Impact represents the awareness that our work must always go hand in hand with a positive impact on our current societal and environmental challenges in order to drive long-term positive change. We’re excited to work with businesses and founders who share this belief. 

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Our Mission Drivers

Pursuing positive change would not be possible without our wonderful partners who we’ve worked with in the past. We’re a proud part of a network of brilliant founders and startups who want to utilize their time and energy to contribute to people’s education, health, and career, or who pave the way for a more sustainable tomorrow. We welcome you to join us and work with us.