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Our Story

At 720impact, we believe that a successful business can have a positive impact not only on its own success, but also on the world around it. Our goal is to help entrepreneurs and startups to achieve this balance through our strategic consulting services.
720impact Founder Carmen Marleen Schliesser

Helping other passionate founders bring their concepts to life is at the very core of 720impact and for us, this process must go hand in hand with positive change on our current societal and environmental challenges.

Our partner's missions and contributions range from aiming to improve people's health, donating a fixed percentage of their revenue, or offering free classes online.


Our experience with founders and startups dates back to 2016...

When at the age of just nineteen, 720impact founder Carmen Marleen Schliesser started creating websites as a side business, gaining extensive practical insights into their respective success drivers, failures, challenges, and mechanism to overcome these. At the time, companies had only started to discover the impact of a digital presence beyond websites. Therefore, Veb Agency was brought to life to help other businesses grow digitally and to significantly increase their impact utilizing analytics and digital ads, online marketing including social media, and a strategic approach to branding. Veb became a small team of marketers and creatives bringing visions to life. These early projects included collaborations with heritage brands such as CartierRalph Lauren, and Mugler, as well as further works for smaller brands and charitable projects with partners such as the NHS during the Covid-19 crisis. 

veb Agency - derived from web, Network

With our growing expertise, clients started requesting our assistance for strategic core matters. 720impact is the result of this growth and our increasing awareness of the importance of immediate change.

Therefore, we primarily work with clients who are dedicated to enhancing the well-being of others, increasing equity, or combating climate change through sustainable business models. We’ve consciously chosen this path with the hopes of motivating founders and businesses to offer and implement strategies that proactively contribute to current issues. Our partner’s missions and contributions range from aiming to improve people’s health, donating a fixed percentage of their revenue, or offering free classes online. 


Our own contribution lies in offering pro bono services specifically to female founders and female-led startups. Females still face significant disadvantages in business and as a female-led business ourselves, we have made this our first issue to tackle. We aim to expand our pro bono services to further disadvantages groups as we’re very much aware that this is only one aspect of a whole number of inequalities.  


Carmen’s practical knowledge is complemented by a Bachelor’s degree in International Business, as well as further education through the University of Edinburgh in the field of Sustainability.